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Marcus Fillier

Introducing Marcus Fillier, the third co-founder of the IRNCH.


Marcus brings a unique blend of expertise and extensive experience from the world of Quality Assurance and Excellence to the IRNCH. With his wealth of knowledge and skills, Marcus adds a valuable dimension to the team. His exceptional track record and profound understanding of his field make him an invaluable asset, ensuring that the IRNCH operates at the highest standards of excellence.

With a passion for making a difference in people’s lives, Marcus embarked on a career in West Midlands Police after completing his university education in 1995. Over the course of more than a decade, he honed his skills in performance management, quality assurance, and learning and development, becoming a true authority in his field.


As the Professional Development Unit Manager with West Midlands Police, Marcus showcased his leadership prowess by managing teams of tutors responsible for work-based assessments of policing NVQs. He oversaw the development of newly promoted sergeants and implemented customized development plans for individuals seeking improvement. His unwavering support for staff and officers’ personal development ensured their growth and success within the organization.


Later, in his role as the Training Inspectorate Manager and Head of Quality, Evaluation, and Design, Marcus took on pioneering initiatives that revolutionized learning and development within West Midlands Police. Collaborating with sector skills councils and national awarding bodies to implement ground-breaking assessment models for National Vocational Qualifications. His work not only influenced the national assessment strategy but also led to significant efficiency savings across the sector.


Marcus played a vital role in mapping assessment standards to role profiles and developing assessment protocols for the prestigious Level 4 Diploma in Policing. He expertly handled investigations and managed appeals/complaints within the qualification process, ensuring fairness and adherence to standards. Additionally, he made significant contributions to the development of the national qualification framework and accreditation processes for the Police Officers Promotion Framework, setting industry standards for excellence.

As the Quality Assurance Coordinator for the Policing NVQ, Marcus meticulously ensured that assessors upheld the rigorous standards set by the Police Service, sector skills councils, and City and Guilds. His dedication extended to being the centre coordinator for the City and Guilds Police Qualification, overseeing the accreditation processes for hundreds of learners. Marcus also spearheaded inspection teams responsible for guaranteeing the appropriate delivery of training throughout the organization, conducting audits and maintaining the highest standards.


Upon retiring from the Police Service, Marcus relocated to the North East of England to be closer to his grandchildren, at the same time taking the opportunity to embrace his passion for teaching and development, by collaborating with the local college to enhance their Policing Certificate.


Becoming an astute Entrepreneur after leaving the Police Service, Marcus established his own accredited training centre, providing certifications aligned with the rigorous Qualifications Credit Framework.


Since retirement his expertise has expanded far beyond law enforcement, as Marcus also runs his own coaching business, having empowered countless individuals to unlock their untapped potential. He has also had the privilege of working with esteemed clients from the realm of Hollywood, USA. Marcus’s multifaceted expertise and his ability to transcend boundaries makes him a dynamic force in both the training and coaching spheres.

With over 15 years of experience in accreditation and standards development, Marcus stands as a seasoned expert in organizational and personal development. He holds a range of prestigious qualifications, including a Diploma in Teaching (Lifelong Learning), NVQ Assessor certification, ISO 9001 accreditation, and Belbin accreditation. Additionally, he is a proud member of the Institute of Leadership and Management.


Marcus has inside knowledge of the NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy industry qualifying as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Master Coach in 2015 and subsequently adding Trainer of NLP to his long list of qualifications in 2017.


Marcus’s unwavering commitment to excellence and his dedication to upholding the highest standards adds a further dimension of expertise to the IRNCH team, ensuring that both IRNCH members and members of the public benefit from unparalleled knowledge, expertise and guidance.


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