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When you choose to engage an NLP, Coaching or Hypnotherapy Professional you want to know that you are in safe hands.
Using a Professional from our register gives you peace of mind, knowing that they have been rigorously assessed by us and awarded our mark of quality.

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Membership Fees

Our membership fees follow a very simple structure, there are no extra Administration or Postal Charges, like other bodies, you just pay an annual fee.

If you gain more qualifications e.g. you are registered with us as an NLP Practitioner and then you become an NLP Master Practitioner you still only pay the same fee, nothing extra to pay.

Also, if you wish to be registered for more than one discipline e.g. you are a Coach and NLP Practitioner you only pay 50% for each and any subsequent registrations* but with full membership benefits for those categories registered.

*Excluding Master Trainer

Fees per annum:


Excellence of the IRNCH

Whether you’re a professional seeking recognition or an individual searching for a skilled practitioner, the IRNCH is your premier destination for exceptional NLP, Coaching, and Hypnotherapy services. Join our thriving community today and unlock the full potential of personal transformation.