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Mark & Nicky Taylor

Allow us to introduce Mark and Nicky Taylor, two of the three remarkable co-founders of the International Register for NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy (IRNCH). With their profound experience, extensive expertise, and unwavering dedication to helping individuals reach their full potential, they bring a wealth of professionalism and credibility to the platform.


From an early age, Mark’s fascination with successful individuals and their unique qualities fuelled his passion for understanding human behaviour and unlocking true potential.

Mark found his calling in the Police force. There, he discovered his true purpose as a Trainer, shaping the beliefs and futures of new recruits while positively influencing the lives of countless others. Seeking innovative ways to maximize their potential, Mark delved into the world of NLP techniques, leading him to assist hundreds of individuals in mastering their mindset and achieving success at promotion panels. Many of his mentees now hold high-ranking positions as Police Officers across the UK.

Mark was also a fundamental member of the small Home Office Team who created the curriculum and training programme for new police recruits that is still in use in England & Wales today. He also project managed the recruit training programme into West Midlands Police.

Mark brings a wealth of expertise and experience in the membership arena, having served as the Complaints Officer for the British Institute of Hypnotherapy. Mark’s proficiency in handling complex matters and his astute understanding of the intricacies of membership dynamics position him as a respected authority in the field.


Now, Mark extends his valuable insights and expertise to the IRNCH, where he shares his wealth of knowledge to enhance the membership experience. His deep understanding of membership operations, coupled with his dedication to excellence, allows him to guide the IRNCH towards maintaining exemplary standards and delivering exceptional services to its members.


With Mark’s unparalleled expertise in the membership domain, the IRNCH benefits from his invaluable contributions as they continue to uphold their commitment to professionalism, credibility, and continuous improvement.


Nicky, embarked on a diverse Civil Service career before joining forces with Mark. Diligently climbed the ranks before pausing her career to raise her children. Nicky initially specialised in helping individuals overcome self-limiting beliefs, such as confidence issues, anxiety, and low self-esteem. As she ascended the ladder, she took on positions as Criminal Investigator, Business Analyst, and ultimately Special Projects Manager, delivering a multimillion-pound IT project at the level of Senior Officer. Nicky’s expertise has always been focused on working with individuals and systems that are not fulfilling their potential. After reaching her desired grade in the Civil Service, Nicky accepted that her true passion lies not in systems but in working directly with people and making a meaningful difference in their lives.

When Mark and Nicky met in 2006, their paths intertwined, and a remarkable chapter began to unfold.


Recognizing their shared commitment to Making THE Difference and helping individuals unleash their potential, Mark and Nicky decided to pursue formal NLP training and quickly qualified as NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners, before venturing to Sydney, Australia, to train as Trainers of NLP and Hypnosis. This transformative experience in 2009, together with launching their Coaching and Training businesses the same year, marked the start of their impactful journey together.


Since then, Mark and Nicky have touched the lives of thousands of individuals worldwide through their Coaching and Training. They have delivered transformative workshops in various countries, including the USA, Italy, Spain, the UK, also hosting the first-ever NLP Master Practitioner Training in Jamaica. Their unwavering commitment to excellence led them to go on to achieve the highest qualification level in NLP – Master Trainers of NLP, and also the highest qualification level in Hypnosis – Master Trainers of Hypnosis. Notably, Mark and Nicky hold the distinction of being the only couple in the world to have obtained both of these esteemed qualifications together.

Mark and Nicky are co-authors of the best-selling mindset book Be More Kid! Endorsed by celebrities such as Alison Hammond and Ben Shephard. They are also hosts of the popular empowerment podcast The EXTRA Club.


As the preferred mentors and trainers for Professional Coaches, Mark and Nicky have amassed over 13 years of specialised experience and more than 50 years of collective expertise in the field of learning and development. Their unique ability to connect with individuals and guide them towards their true potential has earned them widespread acclaim and respect within the industry.

As highly regarded Coaches, Mark and Nicky are huge believers that Coaches should walk the walk, even if that requires making bold choices – demonstrated by them recently relocating 280 miles from their lifelong home in Birmingham to permanently live in their dream location on the Cornish coast.


Now, as co-founders of the IRNCH membership site, Mark and Nicky extend their wealth of knowledge, experience, and professionalism to empower our members on a transformative journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and achievement. Their unwavering dedication to Making THE Difference and their unmatched expertise in NLP, Coaching, and Hypnotherapy make them the trusted guides for both professionals in the industry and members of the public who are looking for highly qualified and reliable professionals to assist them, as they seek solutions to their challenges.


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